We're still here for you.

In these uncertain times, Select Physio Practice Owner and Chartered Physiotherapist, Sarah wanted to share some words of re-assurance, whilst reminding us of the benefits of exercise and movement as part of your daily routine. This short video talks about how Select Physio are adapting their services to continue to offer support to patients in need.  

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Sarah Collier-Smith, I am a Chartered Physiotherapist, I run and own Select Physio a Worcestershire based group of physio practices.

My team & I are very aware of the physical restriction due to COVID-19 and how that is affecting everyone’s normal activities and mobility.

Many of us now are sitting for longer than usual behind laptops, tablets or PCs working or communicating with family and friends. I myself am finding that I am experiencing more upper back & neck discomfort from this very reason. Exercise & movement are therefore even more important for us all at the moment to prevent the development of postural pain.

My team and I are very aware that with no NHS outpatient services at the moment due to COVID-19 that there are many of you who have ongoing joint problems that are not able to access any help or advice.

There are also some of you who have recently undergone surgery such as total knee replacements who really would benefit from some guidance with their exercises and ongoing rehabilitation to get you back to normal.

Last week, one of my team, Vicky via video link was able to help a 14 year old girl who had recently had knee surgery and was unable to  access any NHS follow up care.

Where ever you are in the country, if you need some advice or guidance with joint pain then please take the opportunity to speak to a physiotherapist, you are welcome to pick up the phone to us and just leave us a message and either myself or Vicky will ring you back as soon as we can and chat to you. If you feel you would then like to book a Video call consultation, then we can then book you at a suitable time.

Our number is 01905381415

Website www.selectphysio.co.uk

In the meantime, thank you for listening to me, and please follow national guidelines and stay safe.