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Working from home - Tips to help reduce aches, pains and stiffness.

As lockdown continues, it looks like working from home will be our new normal for part of the week if not all. But what can we do to aid our aching backs, the pinch around our shoulder blades or the tightness in our necks? You will be used to travelling to work, which may involve some walking (even if it’s going from car park to desk!). Now, it’s just from kitchen to your make-shift desk and some of us are feeling the effects of moving less.

Normal office life may require you getting up to go to the printer, meetings, different floors and generally moving around much more than you probably are now. And that’s ok, that’s the climate we’re in currently and we can only try our best. However, some small changes may have a really positive impact on both your mind and body.

  • Go for a walk before you start the day

    whether that be in a field, park, garden or just around your home

  • Set an alarm to go off once an hour to remind you to move

    whether that be a walk to another room, a trip to the kitchen or walking up and down the stairs a few times​

  • Take your calls standing up

    instead of sitting slouched on the chair, as I often find myself, keep your body guessing and stand up or walk around whilst talking​

  • Refill your glass

    (both metaphorically and physically!) Go and get a glass of fresh water, make yourself a cup of tea or have a little snack

  • Take a lunch break

    ... and no that doesn't mean lunch at your desk! You need time out, away from your workspace.

  • Poor concentration? Aches and pains?

    Take some time to move a little more, go for another walk or if tight on time, do a few exercises on the floor. Our previous blog shows a video of some very simple, but effective back exercises you could add into your day (Just click on the green tick to watch it)

  • Don’t just sit on the sofa at the end of the day

    Well, you can, but you’ll feel much better for getting outside whether that be walking, jogging, cycling or joining in with one of the many online exercise and yoga classes.

We currently offer 2 yoga sessions a week, if you’re interested in joining, please click here for more information or to book.

One of the the most crucial things to think about, during this time, is your posture whilst at your desk

  • Does your chair adapt in height, so you can sit up to your desk?

    If you are sitting too high you will be hunched over your desk or too low and you will be straining to reach.

  • Are you working from a Laptop?

    Perhaps think about ordering a separate keyboard and mouse to connect to your laptop. This will enable you to elevate your laptop on a couple of books or a file, meaning your screen is higher whilst you continue to type on the desk - no more hunching or leaning over!

Getting your position right in the first place will enormously help prevent posture pain, neck strain or sore lower backs. This combined with the suggestions above concerning moving around more during your day could make the difference between just a little niggle and a pain requiring treatment.

I hope you’ve found these recommendations helpful; I’ve certainly noticed a difference when I implement a few into my daily routine! I’d love to hear if you do try any of the above and what discernible impact it has for you. However, if you are struggling and stretches just aren’t cutting it anymore, we are open and operating!

Please do not hesitate to call us if you need any advice.

At present the  professional guidance for us is that video consultation is to remain our initial and preferred treatment method. However, for those who are not improving with video consultations or who’s symptoms are deteriorating we can now offer face to face appointments.  We have strict COVID 19 guidelines in place and risk assessments to complete with you in order for us to make the right clinical decision to whether a face to face consultation would be appropriate. We have full PPE and safety procedures in place at the practice.. Don’t hesitate, contact us if you need some help.

Stay safe & well and stay moving!

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