paediatric musculoskeletal physiotherapy

“Active kids are not mini adults”

Both Vicky and Natalie are both Kids Back 2 Sport Certified having completed and passed an extensive post-graduate course on how to assess and rehabilitate active kids. You can be confident that we have reached a high standard of knowledge specific to the younger active population. 

Examples of conditions treated include:

Angela Jackson, a Youth Athlete Consultant, designed the Kids Back 2 Sport Programme to ensure that children can access the same high standards of care that adults receive when they are injured or need help.

Kids have different anatomy and injuries from adults and therefore need a different approach to treatment by health professionals that have experience in being able to accurately assess and diagnose your child, getting them safely back to sport and activity. 

You can find both Vicky and Natalie listed on the Kids Back 2 Sport Practitioner Database at

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